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Gadget Review: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

$49.99 MSRP – Available on and other retail locations and websites

By Conner Williams

Feb 19, 2019 | posted by Conner Williams
#technology #review

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a great addition to the Fire TV family as it adds two features users have long been anticipating: volume and power control. The power button has been added to the top-left while the volume buttons were added to the bottom of the new next-gen Alexa Voice...

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Gadget Review – Drones

By Marcus Jones

Oct 4, 2018 | posted by Jason Nugent
#technology #review

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are finding their way into many aspects of everyday life. Next time you look up, don’t be surprised if you see a drone. They also have a wide variety of uses today - contractors use them for geographical surveying and law enforcement uses them to combat...

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