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SCAM ALERT: Watch out for robocalls asking for personal info

Jun 1, 2022 | posted by Conner Williams
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The BCT Tech Support Team has received several calls from members reporting that they had been called by robocall scammers posing as Amazon. Be on the lookout for calls like these - their goal is to get you to give up your personal or banking information. It's important to remember to never...

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New System Launched to Help Block Unwanted Spam Calls

Jun 16, 2021 | posted by Conner Williams
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Tired of hearing about your car’s manufacturer warranty nearing expiration when you don’t even have one? How about that offer for a free cruise that’s completely real and not a very obvious scam? Well, we’ve got good news! As in, actual good news, not a scam claiming to have good news. Per...

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