Voice Packages

There remain a number of substantial advantages to having your own landline, even if you have a cell phone to supplement it. Two of the most obvious benefits are the use of a phone in the event of a power outage, and the ability for the 911 operator to detect your exact location. While cell phone service has improved drastically in recent years, reception nonetheless remains spotty in some areas, including some people’s homes.

Basic Phone

Basic Phone Includes:

  • Local Residential Access
  • Voicemail Standard Service
  • Choice of Calling Features
  • Extended Area Service (EAS)* calls at $0.06 per minute with a $13 cap**
  • Long Distance avail. for $0.12 per minute***

Standard Phone

Standard Phone Includes:

  • Basic Phone Package, plus
  • 500 Combined Minutes of Extended Area Service (EAS)* & Long Distance***

Unlimited Phone

Unlimited Phone Includes:

  • Standard Phone Package, plus
  • Unlimited Minutes of EAS*
  • Unlimited BCT Long Distance***

Click here for some frequently asked questions about voice service and EAS.

*Extended Area Service (EAS) is any call made to an area outside your prefix that is not a long-distance call (see Oregon Trail Directory for more details).
**Overage charges of $0.15 per minute apply over 500 minutes.
***Long distance (Includes calls to 50 US States, Puerto Rico, and Canada). Activation and other fees, taxes and surcharges may apply.

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