HBO Max to Replace HBO GO

By Amy Russ
Posted by Jason Nugent | Jul 31, 2020
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HBO Max to Replace HBO GO

HBO Max has launched as the new way to stream OnDemand HBO content!  Beginning July 31st, 2020, HBO Max will replace the HBO GO app on most devices. 

This new hybrid app offers approximately 10,000 hours of quality programming all in one place. In addition to the current HBO library of OnDemand shows and movies, HBO Max features a ton of additional content like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, all 23 seasons of South Park, the Harry Potter film series, all 10 season of Friends, popular animated movies from Studio Ghibli, and so much more. It also includes culture-defining entertainment and exclusive new Max originals like Love Life, Legendary and Craftopia. 

Subscribing to HBO through BCT is a super value! You'll not only get 7 live HBO Channels to watch (and record) through your regular TV service, but you'll also get full access to the HBO Max app - all for LESS than what others are charging for just for the HBO Max app!  Give our member services team a call today to add HBO Live Channels, including HBO Max to your BCT TV service today for just $14.50 per month. 


HBO Max uses the same watchTVeverywhere login credentials as the former HBO GO. There is no change to your current live HBO premium package channels through your TV service. Only the online app for supplemental content has changed. If you are someone who uses HBO GO on your current device to stream HBO content, you can now download and login to HBO Max with the same username and password. 

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