BCT Internet Affected in Select Areas due to PGE Power Outage

By Jason Nugent
Posted by Jason Nugent | Feb 4, 2019

UPDATE 2:52 PM: Power has been restored to all sites. If you were effected by the outage and are still experiencing connection issues, you may need to power cycle your networking equipment. Please call our 24/7 Technical Support for any help and questions 503.632.4114.

UPDATE 1:30 PM: PGE reports the estimated time of resolution is at 3:15 PM, today 2/4/2019. 

At 6:40 AM on February 4, 2019, power to around 1,140 PGE customers went out around Beavercreek. The affected area includes several BCT Internet server nodes. BCT must wait for PGE to reconnect power to these nodes before we can move in and restore the Internet service. PGE website currently anticipates power to be restored around 11:15 AM, and the Internet service will resume after that.

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