Protect your personal information online and in person

Posted by Conner Williams | Apr 13, 2021
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Protect your personal information online and in person

With more and more activity taking place online, protecting yourself on the Internet becomes increasingly important. Identity theft, scams, ransomware viruses, and more can pose a threat to anyone connected to the Internet. Follow the list of tips below to help keep your Internet-connected devices and your identity safe. Make sure: 

  •      Antivirus software is installed and running
  •      Your passwords are complex and never repeated
  •      Your web browser does not store or remember your passwords
  •      Unused programs are removed
  •      Your home wireless network is password-secured
  •      The software on your computer is up to date
  •      Your important data is regularly backed up to the Cloud
  •      You use caution when browsing the Internet
  •      You log off the computer when you’re not using it

In addition to taking steps to protect yourself online, don’t forget to properly dispose of any and all documents that contain personal information, like medical records and credit card or bank statements. Using a paper shredder is a great way to discard documents and protect your sensitive information. 

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