Select TV Networks Share Content for all Viewers on EZVideo

Posted by Jason Nugent | Mar 23, 2020
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TV viewing has been a popular activity while more people are at home practicing social distancing efforts to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

To help provide some expanded entertainment options during this time, some networks have opened up their channels for all viewers.

No action is required on your part to activate these channels. They will automatically appear in your guide and other areas of the EZVideo app within the next couple of days if they haven't already and will be available for up to 8 weeks. Any content recorded on the channels will be able to be kept after that timeframe. More channels may join in on this offer in the near future. Check back on our company news feed for more information.

Some channels may offer special programming during this time. For example, Hallmark Channel will run a "We Need a Little Christmas" movie marathon this weekend of fan-favorite films. Enjoy!

The following channels are available on any EZVideo subscription:

Available Until Oct 15th

  • Hallmark Channel 
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 
  • Hallmark Drama

Click here for our full channel lineup. 

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