BCT restructures product catalog

Posted by Conner Williams | Jun 29, 2022
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When someone subscribes to BCT services, they become part of a member-owned cooperative – a group of users who work or act together for a common purpose or benefit divided in a fair manner among all. In this case, that common purpose is connecting members in Beavercreek to the world through internet and telephone services. The values of a cooperative are different than that of the average company. Fairness to all members in both pricing and communication is important - as is the continued development of products and services to meet the needs of the community served. 

BCT has undergone a recent review of product and service pricing. The company has announced restructured telephone pricing and multi-service discounts to balance rates across the membership as well as cover increasing expenses and strengthen the cooperative. Notices were sent to affected subscribers through U.S mail the week of July 1, 2022, and the new structures, services, and rates will go into effect on August 1. Members with questions about these changes can contact the Member Services Team weekdays from 8AM to 5PM at 503.632.3113. New telephone package pricing can be found at www.bctelco.com/voice, and members can see their new bill totals in the SmartHub portal at https://Beavercreek.SmartHub.coop or in the mobile app after August 1. 

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