BCT to Discontinue Cable TV Services Starting at Noon on March 31, 2022

Posted by BCT Member Services | Dec 6, 2021
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You may have heard about the decision to discontinue EZVideo, our alternate app-based TV entertainment service, earlier this year. When that announcement was released, the BCT Cable TV service was unchanged. Key factors that affect the performance and stability of the Cable TV product since then have spurred a decision to turn down the service, including:


BCT has partnered for many years with other companies to share the costs associated with providing television services through an upstream vendor. This entity houses and maintains the equipment that delivers the majority of BCT cable TV channels. BCT evaluated upgrading internal infrastructure to bring distribution of these channels in-house. However, the cost of the required upgrades was too prohibitive. 


Core programming costs for traditional TV services have more than doubled in the last decade and are passed directly to the consumer in price increases. Subscribers have more choices than ever to customize their entertainment experience for live or OnDemand content at a price where small, member-owned cooperatives like BCT are simply no longer competitive. This has resulted in a steady decline in cable TV subscriptions nationwide in favor of lower-cost, option rich, streaming alternatives, satellite, or a return to antenna reception use. 

Given the situations outlined above, it is not an option to re-invest in trying to maintain a traditional cable TV experience for our members. It is better in the long term to serve you by shifting our focus to improved Internet infrastructure and increased speeds. After all, Internet is the conduit where most people are receiving their live and OnDemand entertainment content now. The need for faster speeds to support this content will only increase in the years ahead.  

Therefore, the BCT Board of Directors has decided to terminate BCT Cable TV services, effective March 31, 2022 starting at noon 

Our goal is not to keep you from your favorite programs, but rather to help you find the best, most budget friendly way to enjoy them moving forward. We’ve assembled some popular streaming and satellite options to compare and consider for your next video provider at www.bctelco.com/streaming.

Our Member Services team can also review your TV needs and help guide you to the right mix of entertainment services, weekdays between 8AM and 5PM at 503.632.3113.  Please know this decision was not made lightly and every member experience was considered. We know change is difficult, but we plan to be there to help you along the way. 

Thank you for understanding and supporting your neighborhood communications cooperative. 

Your BCT Member Services Team

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