Possible PGE Public Safety Power Shutoffs in BCT Service Area Due to Wildfire Weather Conditions

Updated on September 9th with New Information

Posted by Conner Williams | Sep 8, 2022
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Update, Sept 9, 2022 3PM:

We continue to monitor the power situation in affected areas. The BCT techs are adding generators as needed to our nodes to keep your connections on. Should the power outage extend significantly, note that there may be brief outages during generator refueling.

Update, Sept 9, 2022 11:30AM:

Members on Beeson Rd, Westby Lane and Butte Rd are also experiencing power outages.

Update, Sept 9, 2022 8AM :

Highland area: PGE has the power out in this area as of 8 AM. BCT team have placed generators at key affected areas to retain connections for most members with generators or other self-power mechanism for the duration of the outage.

Sept 8, 2022 :

Portland General Electric has warned of potential Public Safety Power Shutoffs to reduce the chance of wildfires during especially hazardous fire weather. 

BCT is determined to keep members connected throughout adverse conditions and has a contingency plan in the event of a commercial power outage or shutdown. Due to limited cell service in our hilly service footprint, we will prioritize voice connections over internet but will monitor and strive to sustain both. Should power shutoffs occur, systems are in place to sustain short outages. We are prepared to place generators in the event of a longer outage to keep power going to our network. There may be a brief window of inactive service to get generators up and running in affected areas should that situation occur. Please note that if power is off at your location, you will also need a generator for emergency power and access to voice and internet service.

Currently, the Upper Highland area is targeted for power shutoffs should they need to occur. PGE estimates that outages could begin on the morning of Friday, September 9 and go through Saturday night. We will keep this post updated as more information becomes available.

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