Let Your Voice Be Heard at the 2021 Annual Meeting

Posted by Conner Williams | Jun 28, 2021
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Let Your Voice Be Heard at the 2021 Annual Meeting

The BCT Board of Directors and leadership team speaks to members in attendance at the 2019 BCT Annual Meeting.

As a member and part-owner of the BCT community cooperative, you can have a say in company operations at the upcoming Annual Meeting. The leadership team and Board of Directors will discuss current company initiatives, progress on the cable broadband infrastructure improvements, and more, and you’re invited! Speak directly with the decision makers and let your voice be heard at the 2021 BCT Annual Meeting. 

Look for the Annual Report recapping the cooperative’s milestones and activities in 2020 at www.bctelco.com/annual-reports

Who: All BCT members 

When: Thursday, July 22 at 7PM 

Where: BCT Spangler Warehouse | 16680 S. Spangler Rd., Beavercreek, OR 97004 

Attendees must adhere to the Clackamas County outdoor gathering COVID restrictions in place on the meeting date. RSVPs will also be required to attend. Space will be limited and seating may not be guaranteed with an RSVP. Please email MemberTeam@bctelco.com or call 503.632.3113 to RSVP. 

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