Our Local Techs Have Your Back

Posted by Conner Williams | Jan 19, 2023
Our Local Techs Have Your Back

Photo Caption: BCT techs work to repair damage to aerial lines from a fallen tree during the winter storm at the end of 2022.

The winter months can be challenging in the Beavercreek area for service providers and their subscribers alike. The last thing anyone wants is for a tree to go down and take out pole-to-pole service lines with it, but an occasional unfortunate consequence of living in a beautiful, wooded area is that inclement weather can cause damage to local utilities.

We recognize that these situations are difficult, and you deserve downtimes that are as short as possible. When these things happen, please know that our technicians are on-call 24/7 and work to repair damage and restore services as quickly and safely as possible. While we have systems in place that detect outages, it is helpful for members to call in and let us know if a service outage has occurred so we can begin investigating and find a solution. BCT staff often work alongside crews from Portland General Electric where commercial power lines have been damaged, resulting in loss of internet connections In many cases, BCT crews are unable to repair some of our aerial lines until PGE has completed repairs to their poles and/or lines.

Our people are local, they care about the well-being of their neighbors, and they work hard to address service-affecting issues quickly. We appreciate your understanding during these trying winter months as our crews work to keep you connected. Thank you for being a BCT member and for supporting the local cooperative.

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