The Notifications tab allows you to configure the different kinds of notifications that you can use with your messaging service.

Message Waiting Indicator

For handsets that support message waiting indicators, you can configure the voicemail system to notify your phone whenever you receive a new message. Depending on your phone the notification will either flash an light on your handset, display a notification icon on the screen and/or signal a message with a sound or vibration.

Pager Notification

First you must configure whether you use a telephone or email pager gateway. If people page you by sending an email then you should select email. Otherwise you should select telephone.

If you have selected telephone as your pager gateway type then you will need to provide the following information.

  • Select your pager provider from the drop-down list. Depending upon your provider you will then be required to enter your pager number and possibly your PIN.
  • If your provider is not in the list, then select Custom, and configure the following.

Outdial Notification

This feature enables you to configure the voicemail system to call you whenever you receive a new message. You can choose which types of messages you would like to be notified about.

Override Notification

This feature enables you to configure the voicemail system to notify you differently for a period of time. For example, while you are on vacation, you might only want to be notified of urgent messages and you might want to be notified in a different way from normal. Or, if you are normally notified by outdial, you might prefer to be notified by pager instead.

Notification Schedule

If you configure a pager, outdial or override notification, you can also configure a Notification Schedule. The Notification Schedule allows you to restrict notifications so that they are only generated at particular times of day, and on particular days of the week. For example, you might not want to be called and informed of a new message that you have received in the middle of the night!