Message Settings

You can use the Message Settings page to change various settings for the Voicemail service.


  • Forwarding calls to voicemail. This allows you to set the time in seconds that your phone rings before the call is sent to voicemail. The acceptable range is from zero to 60 seconds.

You can select to forward all your received messages via email.

  • When you enable this forwarding, you have the choice of leaving the messages in your CommPortal inbox so you can still access them here, or of deleting them. Check the box if you want to leave the original message in your inbox.

Mailbox Access

These settings allow you to customize your experience when accessing your mailbox via the telephone.

  • Skip PIN.
    If Skip PIN is enabled, then when accessing your mailbox from your own telephone you are not required to enter your PIN. This saves you time, but reduces security as anybody with access to your telephone can then access your mailbox.
  • Fast Login.
    Generally when you dial into your mailbox you are asked to enter both your phone number and PIN. However, if Fast Login is enabled, then when accessing your mailbox from your own telephone, your phone number is recognized automatically and you only need to enter your PIN.
  • Auto-play Voicemail/Fax.
    If Auto-play is enabled, then when you log into your mailbox, instead of hearing the main menu your messages will start playing immediately.
  • Voicemail Playback.
    When your messages are played to you, you can choose whether you wish to hear the message details (who the message is from and when it was left), the message itself, or both.

Voicemail Greeting

The Voicemail Greeting panel allows you to configure which greeting will be played to callers who reach your voicemail. You can choose to either use a standard system greeting, record or upload and use a personal message of your choice.

Setting Your Default Greeting

For your default greeting, you should select a greeting from the list of available greetings in the dropdown box. The list of greetings includes the following standard system greetings.

  • System - this plays the normal system greeting, with no identifying information.
  • System with Number - this plays the normal system greeting, including your phone number.
  • System with Name - this plays the normal system greeting, but includes your recorded name.

You can also choose to use a greeting where you can record or upload a personal message. Greetings that already have a recording will be marked with a * beside the name in the list.