Internet Packages

Please review the following options and then contact our Member Services team at 
503.632.3113 to learn what speeds are offered at your address.*

Option 1 - Speeds up to 1.5 Mbps

Checking email, social media sites, sharing photos/files, or downloading music. 

Option 2 - Speeds up to 4 Mbps

Downloading photos & streaming videos or TV shows online. 

Option 3 - Speeds up to 8 Mbps

Downloading movies & enhancing your online gaming experience.

Option 4 - Speeds up to 15 Mbps

Multiple users, extreme online tasks like gaming, downloading movies & photo sharing all at the same time.

*Actual speeds will vary due to customer location, network configurations, Internet congestion, website server speeds, customer equipment and other factors. All speeds are not available in all areas.

A modem is required for Internet access. Modems are available to lease for $3.95/Month.