Internet Packages


Certain areas in our footprint can now enjoy a faster, uninterrupted connection on even more devices. That means more movies, more games, more research, and more access to shops and services. All your connected needs are now in one place.


100 Mbps is the best option for families or households with more than five simultaneous, frequent Internet users or home based businesses. See below for more details on activity types.


50 Mbps is good for three to five users simultaneously accessing Internet content feed from multiple devices. Enjoy fast file transfers, multiplayer gaming, multiple HD video streams or telecommunting. See below for more details on activity types.

15 Mbps

15 Mbps covers your needs for high-definition video streaming, gaming, downloading movies & photo sharing.

Additional Speeds

If higher Internet speeds are restricted due to location or other factors, lower Internet speeds may be available. Please contact our Member Services team for more information.


How many devices use your Internet?

Make sure to count each computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, game system, household appliance like thermostats and security services, virtual assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo, streaming boxes like Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire, and all Smart TVs. Consider all of those connections and then look at the chart of Internet activity below. How many devices are doing multiple activities at the same time? Are you streaming Netflix on a Smart TV while looking up the show's cast from a smart phone? That is two activities on two different devices both using Internet speed at the same time.


Activity 50 Mbps 100 Mbps
Email · ·
Browse the Web · ·
Online Shopping · ·
Social Networking (Facebook, etc) · ·
Movie Downloads · ·
Large File Transfers · ·
Video Conferences · ·
3-5 Simultaneous Household Users · ·
Multiple User Online Games   ·
5+ Simultaneous Household Users   ·

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Did you know that when WiFi equipment is installed in the wrong location, it can affect signal strength and reach? Multiple floors, certain appliances, or even large mirrors can inhibit or completely block WiFi signals. Too many devices trying to connect at the same time can also bog down a signal as each tablet, phone, and Smart TV fight for space to perform the requested task.

WiFi Home Networking from BCT covers nearly every size and shape of home with a strong and consistent signal. We will eliminate the guess work because our expert technician will analyze your home with special equipment, assess the construction style, and identify internal obstacles like appliances or mirrors. He will identify the best location to install the WiFi access point so you receive optimum signal strength, longest reach, and most device connections. He will work with you to create a safe, secure, consistent, live network for your family and friends to enjoy.

Once installation is complete, you’ll have constant access to a robust, password protected WiFi experience with included 24/7 local support.

WiFi Home Networking (each) ........ $10.00/mo.

This convenient service for members with 10 Mbps or faster speeds offers capabilities that can overcome most common WiFi issues. The access point hardware unit provides greater flexibility in the placement of the equipment and delivers a stronger signal to create a larger WiFi capable area inside or outside the home.

Installation (each) ........ $80.00
  • Professional in-home technical assessment of home construction and obstacles.
  • Professional placement recommendation for optimum signal strength and reach.
  • Professional security and protection measures added to WiFi access point, per customer specifications.
  • Technician connects up to 7 WiFi devices to the new secure equipment.

Special Offer

Save $40!

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*Actual speeds may vary due to end user equipment and other factors. Download speeds are a "best efforts" service. Services NOT available in all areas to all subscribers. A standard modem is included, however fees, surcharges and installation fees may apply. All product and company names outside of BCT are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.